Thursday, May 05, 2005

I've been playing around with the new RSS features in Safari 2.0 that comes with Mac OS X Tiger, and noticed something interesting... none of the default bookmarks in the Shoping or Tools and Reference collections are RSS feeds. And there are only a couple feeds in the Kids and Travel collections.

Why haven't major sites like, eBay, Expedia, WebMD, and caught the RSS fever!?!

I can think of dozens of ways these sites could leverage this technology to keep their users up-to-date on topics (or products) of interest: new CD and DVD releases, Wish List updates, new items up for auction, special travel deals, health and wellness tips, job postings, yadda yadda yadda.... as has already been proven by numerous first tier media outlets, RSS doesn't have to be just for geeks that want to spout off to other geeks.

Am I overlooking some big hurdle that makes it impractical for these companies to adopt RSS?

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Denise said...

Wake up, dude - WebMD has RSS! - see that bright orange XML icon on the left nav where it says NEWS via RSS? That's what that is... Sure wish you had a comments section or an email link on your blog and sure do hope you ego search yourself so you find out I'm talking about SWIZZLE SPOT over here...