Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Smartwrap headphone cord control. Brilliant!
Very interesting story about building a business from innovative Mac software company Panic - The True Story of Audion.
Nokia Collector syncs files between Nokia 7280 lipstick phone and a Mac. Sounds like it may also work with other Bluetooth-enabled phones. Not sure this is necessary given that Mac OS X already includes a sync client that works with many Nokia phones. Also weird considering all the hype Nokia is spreading about Lifeblog.
Phil Torrone strikes again... BroadCatching using RSS and BitTorrent to automatically download TV shows. While this is neat, it's too dependent on unreliable moving parts to be useful for me. I like having Tivo do all the heavy lifting.
If only people bought applications for PDAs and smartphones like they buy games for portable gaming consoles... we'd have high-powered PDAs for super cheap.